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Current Patient Experience

The Patient Experience, Brought to Life

Pancreatitis patients face numerous barriers in accessing care.

You feel alone as a patient. I want to develop a plan. If you have a plan, you have hope.

Peter Fraser, Pancreatitis Patient

 I am tired of carrying my medical records just to prove that I am not an alcoholic who is a drug addict, especially with kids in tow

Sarah Walker, Pancreatitis Patient

My doctor told me that I was exaggerating the pain because I am a woman.

Sarah Walker, Pancreatitis Patient

You can drown if you do not have support or doctors who listen to your emotions

Annabelle Ruiz, Pancreatitis Patient

I just want him to have the good quality life that he deserves, especially after all that he has suffered

Emilia Hubert, Pancreatitis Patient Caregiver

If I could take his pain, I would in a heartbeat… but what I can do is advocate for him.

Emilia Hubert, Pancreatitis Patient Caregiver