Pediatric Pancreatitis—Many children have pancreatitis (pediatric pancreatitis). Mission: Cure shares information specific to children.

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Chronic Pediatric Pancreatitis and Chronic Pain: Ashlynn’s Story

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Ashlynn Nieve, 18, shares her story with pediatric pancreatitis Chronic pediatric pancreatitis patient Ashlynn Nieve (18) talks about how long she had to wait for her diagnosis, how her chronic pain often kept her from attending school and how she coped with prejudice and discrimination without losing hope. Ashylnn has been suffering from chronic pediatric pancreatitis for the last eight…

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Pancreatitis Pain: A Medical Approach with a Patient Focus

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Pancreatitis Pain: A Medical Approach with a Patient Focus If you or a loved one suffer from chronic pain from pancreatitis, you won't want to miss the second in Mission: Cure’s series on managing chronic pancreatitis pain. The first webinar in this series discussed a psychological approach called pain self-management. In this webinar, Dr. Steven Freedman discussed a range of…