Pediatric Pancreatitis—Many children have pancreatitis (pediatric pancreatitis). Mission: Cure shares information specific to children.

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Managing Chronic Pain in Pancreatitis

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Key points: •   Chronic pain from pancreatitis takes a major toll on patients and their loved ones. •   To effectively treat chronic pancreatitis pain, we need to address the symptoms as well as the impact of pain on patients’ lives.  •   One piece of the solution is self-management, which involves education, lifestyle changes, pain coping skills, and emotional and social…

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Pancreatitis Pain: A Medical Approach with a Patient Focus

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Pancreatitis Pain: A Medical Approach with a Patient Focus If you or a loved one suffer from chronic pain from pancreatitis, you won't want to miss the second in Mission: Cure’s series on managing chronic pancreatitis pain. The first webinar in this series discussed a psychological approach called pain self-management. In this webinar, Dr. Steven Freedman discussed a range of…