TPIAT – Should I Have My Pancreas Removed? Webinar Announcement

By December 18, 2018 January 7th, 2019 News, Webinars

Mission: Cure invites you to join us on

Thursday, Jan. 10, 2019 at 2:00 p.m. EST

for our next webinar

TPIAT – Should I Have My Pancreas Removed?

Get the information you need about Total Pancreatectomy & Islet Auto-Transplantation (TPIAT). This will be the 4th webinar in our ongoing series for Chronic and Recurrent Acute Pancreatitis patients and their families.

Patients, and those who care for and about them, are encouraged to join leading expert Dr. Melena Bellin, University of Minnesota Pediatric and Adult Endocrinologist for the Organ Transplant Program and Director of Research of Islet Auto-transplantation and Amy Jensen, a recent TPIAT patient. Find out who should consider TPIAT, selection criteria, the TPIAT procedure itself, typical recovery and outcomes. Attendees will be given ample opportunity to ask questions.

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For people suffering from pancreatitis, unrelenting abdominal pain can rule their lives. For some patients repeated attacks lead to frequent visits to the ER and lengthy hospital stays. TPIAT is a surgical procedure in which the pancreas is removed and the organ’s islet cells (the cells that produce insulin) are injected into the patient’s liver.  The goal of TPIAT is to not only relieve the pain of pancreatitis, but also to help prevent the diabetes that results when the pancreas is removed.

TPIAT surgeon at work

This webinar is brought to you by Mission: Cure, a nonprofit organization that aims to find a cure and improve the quality of life of those affected by pancreatitis by applying innovative financing to medical research and drug development. This webinar is made possible through support from the AbbVie Foundation. Even if you can’t make it to this webinar, please register so that we can send you the webinar’s recording as soon as it becomes available.