The following is a general, non-comprehensive guide. Consult medical professionals for specific dietary advice and needs.

Nutrition Guide: Chronic Pancreatitis


Depending on specific and personal nutrition needs, daily fat intake is typically limited from anywhere between 30 and 50 grams per day. Try spacing out your fat intake into smaller meals throughout the day. Spreading out food into smaller meals is easier on the pancreas than large meals.


Avoid alcohol completely. Read the ingredient labels of all food and drink items to ensure alcohol was not used to make them.

Cooking Tips

Baking, steaming, roasting, and grilling are ideal methods of cooking meat and vegetables. Avoid frying or stir-frying food. Avoid oils and butter when cooking.

Social Eating

Eating is a social activity. Individuals with chronic pancreatitis must take extra steps when at public events with food. When possible, bringing your own food to social occasions is ideal. When ordering at a restaurant, ensure the server and chef are aware of your dietary needs. Search for low-fat menu options with higher protein content. Avoid greasy/friend foods.

Low-Fat Food Swaps

Breakfast Swap: Instead of granola with nuts and cow milk/yogurt, try whole grain cereals with berries and fat-free milk/yogurt

Snack Swap: Instead of chips or nachos, try cucumber, pepper, or carrot sticks

Cooking Swap: Instead of butter, oil, or lard, try a cooking spray

Meal Swap: Instead of fish and chips, try steamed/baked cod or pollock with brown rice

Dessert Swap: Instead of brownies or chocolate cake, try homemade or bought meringues

Vegetable Swap: Instead of avocado, try cucumber or broccoli

Poultry Swap: Instead of fried chicken or chicken nuggets, try skinless chicken breast

Fish  Swap: Instead of salmon, try cod or pollock

Grain Swap: Instead of white bread, try whole-grain bread

Dessert Swap: Instead of chocolate, try fruit sorbet

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