Pancreatitis Patient Experience

What is the typical journey of an individual living with pancreatitis as they navigate the medical system in search of a diagnosis and a care plan? Over the course of 35+ interviews, we were able to map out the following journey.

Current Patient Experience

Pancreatitis Patient Quotes

Pancreatitis patients face numerous barriers in accessing care. The following quotes are from pancreatitis patients, which bring their experiences to life.

You feel alone as a patient. I want to develop a plan. If you have a plan, you have hope.

My doctor told me that I was exaggerating the pain because I am a woman.

I just want him to have the good quality life that he deserves, especially after all that he has suffered.

I am tired of carrying my medical records just to prove that I am not an alcoholic who is a drug addict, especially with kids in tow.

You can drown if you do not have support or doctors who listen to your emotions.

If I could take his pain, I would in a heartbeat... but what I can do is advocate for him.

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