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Webinar: New Therapies for Pancreatitis

By February 23, 2022No Comments

Can Pancreatitis be Cured?

Mission: Cure’s webinar on February 23rd, 2022 featured three biotech executives who are searching for a cure for pancreatitis and one of its major complications, diabetes.

John Mellnik, CEO of Path BioAnalytics (PBA), discusses their most recent project that uses translational science and proprietary technology to identify drugs that will correct the problems in the pancreas caused by mutations in the CFTR gene.

Dena Cohen and Tony Kolton, CSO and CEO of Regenerative Medical Solutions (RMS), discuss their personalized cell-based therapy to cure diabetes. Pancreatitis patients who undergo TPIAT may develop insulin dependence, and RMS’s patented technology will use the patient’s own cells to avoid the need of immunosuppressants that current transplants require.

Headshot of john mellnik from company working to find cure for pancreatitis

John Mellnik CEO, Path BioAnalytics

Headshot of Tony Kolton, CEO of company working to find cure for diabetes

Tony Kolton CEO, Regenerative Medical Solutions

Headshot of Dena Cohen, CSO of company working to develop a cure for diabetes

Dena Cohen CSO, Regenerative Medical Solutions

Watch the Webinar: New Therapies for Pancreatitis