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Webinar: Will Pancreas Surgery Cure My Pancreatitis? Doctors Explain TPIAT

Mission: Cure‘s webinar, TPIAT: Should I Have My Pancreas Removed?, discusses pancreas surgery to reduce chronic pain from pancreatitis.  This is the fourth broadcast in Mission: Cure’s Patient and Family Webinar Series. In this webinar replay you can hear Dr. Melena Bellin of the University of Minnesota explain:

  • Who should consider TPIAT (Total Pancreatectomy & Islet Auto-Transplantation)
  • The selection criteria
  • The TPIAT procedure itself
  • The typical recovery and outcomes

We then hear from Amy Jensen, a recent TPIAT patient, who eloquently shares her own TPIAT journey.

The goal of this webinar was to educate chronic and recurrent acute pancreatitis patients and their families about Total Pancreatectomy with Islet Auto Transplantation surgery (TPIAT). The early reviews are in, and “YES,” these goals were met. Plus, we even made time for 20 or so questions! Listen to the replay, share with others and let us know which topics you want to hear about in future webinars.