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Guided Meditation for Pain Relief

Guided Meditation for Chronic Pancreatitis Pain and Discomfort

Dr. Christiane Wolf leads a 10-minute guided meditation for pain and discomfort. Meditation can be a powerful tool to manage pain associated with chronic illnesses like pancreatitis.

Dr. Christiane Wolf is a physician turned mindfulness and compassion teacher and teacher trainer. She is an authorized Buddhist teacher in the Insight (Vipassana) meditation tradition, teaching classes and retreats worldwide.

More on Pain Management

Pain is one of the main symptoms of chronic pancreatitis. It is a difficult and often avoided topic, and it plays a central role in the lives of chronic pancreatitis patients and their caregivers. It is important to understand the causes, impact and treatment options of chronic pancreatitis pain.

The following resources are intended to help you manage your pain and also help improve your quality of life.