Mission: Cure Co-Founder Eric Golden Elected Chair of CAPER Board

By December 15, 2020No Comments

The Collaborative Alliance for Pancreatic Education and Research (CAPER) Board of Directors is delighted to announce the election of Eric Golden as Chair of the CAPER Board.  Mr. Golden is the Founder and Managing Director of Fluential Partners, LLC, a boutique investment bank.  Previously, he has served in roles ranging from CEO of a startup to General Counsel of several companies.  Mr. Golden is a leading advocate for patients with pancreatic disorders; in addition to his work for CAPER, he is a co-founder of Mission: Cure and a board member of the National Pancreas Foundation. Mr. Golden is expected to lead the further expansion of CAPER in its missions to facilitate research in pancreatic disease, educate health care providers, and increase public awareness.



The Collaborative Alliance for Pancreatic Education and Research’s (CAPER) mission is: (a) to facilitate the collaboration of researchers of pancreatic diseases and to support scientifically rigorous multi-center studies in pancreatic diseases; (b) to educate and train healthcare providers in pancreatic diseases; (c) and to increase public health awareness regarding pancreatic diseases. It was created in 1994 as the Midwest Multicenter Pancreatic Study Group and became CAPER in 2004. As part of their mission, they fund the Pancreas Academy and Pancreas Scholars to “facilitate mentorship, promote research collaboration, and develop a world-class research network in the field of pancreatology.” Their Trainee Comittee “[promotess] and [conducts] inter-institutional, inter-disciplinary, collaborative pancreatic research projects”.

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