Eric and Megan

Eric and Megan

Mission: Cure was founded in 2017 by Megan Golden and her brother Eric Golden after they struggled for years to find treatment for Eric’s pain from chronic pancreatitis. Soon after, Linda Martin joined Megan as Co-Director of Mission: Cure, as she searched for treatment for her daughter Amy, who was also suffering from the unrelenting pain and nausea of chronic pancreatitis.

With limited research funding, a lack of understanding of the disease, no effective treatments or even a drug development pipeline, chronic pancreatitis patients like Eric and Amy face a life of pain and suffering from the continuous progression of the disease that leads to diabetes, other serious digestive disorders and a significantly increased risk of pancreatic cancer.

Linda and Amy

Amy and Linda

Megan, Eric and Linda did not accept this dire prognosis. They knew that a well-funded, focused approach could lead to effective treatments and ultimately a cure. Today, Mission: Cure is a growing community of patients, families, scientists, clinicians and generous supporters, driving new research, accelerating drug discovery and development and creating hope for improved quality of life.