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Increasingly, investors want their money to produce a positive social impact in addition to a financial return. They are demanding investment opportunities that can demonstrate a quantifiable impact. Impact investors bring not only capital and accountability, but also commitment and creativity to the organizations, companies, and projects they invest in.

Our Partnerships

Mission: Cure partners with impact investors to cure disease.

By investing in disease-curing initiatives, impact investors can have a measurable impact on people’s health, along with an opportunity to earn financial returns based on patient outcomes and commercialization of successful therapies.


Impact investing is growing, and impact investors want to improve health and cure disease.

In 2020, $2.28 trillion were invested globally in impact investments.

Neil Littman for Forbes on the promising future of impact investing in healthcare.

Against the backdrop of a pandemic, healthcare continues to be front and center as the cause that aligns most with personal values or priorities when making an impact investment, according to a new survey by global asset manager American Century Investments.

“In this space of health care, and advancing medical philanthropy and specifically, cures, the reality is that nine-and-a-half out of 10 clients we spoke to were disappointed. They weren’t seeing and aren’t seeing the discoveries and cures that they are funding coming to fruition.”

Melanie Schnoll Begun, Morgan Stanley

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