Our Care Strategy

Improving Care for Pancreatitis Patients

We envision high-quality care and support for people suffering from recurrent acute pancreatitis and chronic pancreatitis that provides measurable improvement in patient outcomes and experience. This will allow patients to be able to be able to manage their condition and live longer, healthier, more productive lives.

Our Care Framework

For Improved Outcomes & Well-Being

We believe it is realistic to create care pathways for people who suffer episodes of acute pancreatitis or chronic pancreatitis to be immediately and thoroughly assessed, systematically treated according to evidence-based standards of care, connected with mental-wellbeing and pain management supports, and continually monitored to adapt treatments strategies as the condition progresses. To realize this vision of patient-centered care, Mission: Cure is reimagining clinical care to include four mutually reinforcing elements:


Multidisciplinary Care Team

Pancreatitis can be extremely painful and impact an individual’s digestive and mental health and result in other complications. A coordinated team of experts, including a nutritionist, pain specialist, psychologist, and gastroenterologist, provides holistic care.


Accountability to Outcomes

The care team and the patient (or caregiver) prioritize and continually monitor outcomes that consider specific symptoms and overall well-being of the patient, including pain, nutrient absorption, and quality of life.


Evidence-Based Best Practices

Consistent clinical practices that are based on emerging research and guidelines are used to diagnose and care for individuals living with pancreatitis.


Once a diagnosis has been confirmed and specific outcomes have been identified, the care team works collaboratively with the patient to develop a plan that takes a systematic and relentless approach to manage symptoms and proactively delay disease progression.

Patient-Centered Care



We are respectful of and begin with the patient perspective.


We have empathy for all stakeholders in the system.


We pursue systems of change to ensure lasting impact.

Explore Our Care Strategy

Care Today

What is the typical journey of a person living with pancreatitis as they navigate the medical system in search of a diagnosis and a care plan? Over the course of 35+ interviews, we were able to map out the current patient journey.

Patient Priorities

Pancreatitis patient priorities shared over the course of 35+ interviews shaped our framework, and we hope to spread and scale these practices so that all patients can access high-quality care when it comes to treating their condition.

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