The Venture Philanthropy Model


Several disease foundations are bringing experts together to problem-solve and to identify the most promising ways to cure a disease as quickly as possible. Some foundations are using investments in addition to grants and partnering with industry to catalyze effective therapies. Mission: Cure is learning from these philanthropies and adopting their best practices.

Philanthropies Using This Model

Our Belief

It is no coincidence that the most successful philanthropic efforts to cure disease are led by a person who is suffering from the disease or a family member. Obviously, these leaders are intensely motivated to make a difference. But they also—crucially—have a timeframe. They need to make advances quickly enough to help themselves or their loved one. They relentlessly put pressure on everyone involved to find the fastest way forward.

Can we replicate that sense of urgency? We believe that having funding tied to a timeframe to improve patient outcomes will help mobilize the patients, researchers, impact investors, payers, and others to work together to meet that deadline.

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