Moments of Hope 2023

Join us on October 19th at this year’s Moments of Hope virtual gala, where we come together as one community to support and advance treatments and cures for pancreatitis.

A new model for curing disease

We are an alliance of patients, caregivers, doctors, researchers, drug developers and entrepreneurs pioneering a new approach to curing diseases through innovative outcome-based financing.

We educate, motivate and collaborate with impact investors and payers to discover life-altering therapies and bring them to patients.

Our Target is Chronic Pancreatitis

The first disease we are attacking is pancreatitis. The world’s top pancreatic experts believe a well-funded, coordinated research and development program could lead to effective treatments.

Mission: Cure is working to make that happen. Consulting with pancreatic experts from the world’s top research and healthcare institutions, we developed a plan and are working to implement it.

Our Approach

Financing Based on Patient Outcomes

Promising and Cost-Effective Methods to Cure Diseases

Active Collaboration Among Stakeholders

Partnerships with Impact Investors

We cannot do this without your support.

The time is right to create a new model for curing disease. Exciting developments in genetics and data are making precision medicine a reality.

Healthcare payers are moving toward value-based funding, especially for chronic diseases. And a new generation of impact investors — seeking to generate social and not just financial returns — have made curing disease a priority.

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