A new model for curing disease

We are an alliance of patients, caregivers, doctors, researchers, drug developers and entrepreneurs pioneering a new approach to curing diseases through innovative outcome-based financing.

We educate, motivate and collaborate with impact investors and payers to discover life-altering therapies and bring them to patients.

Our Target is Chronic Pancreatitis

The first disease we are attacking is pancreatitis. The world’s top pancreatic experts believe a well-funded, coordinated research and development program could lead to effective treatments.

Mission: Cure is working to make that happen. Consulting with pancreatic experts from the world’s top research and healthcare institutions, we developed a plan and are working to implement it.

Our Approach

Financing Based on Patient Outcomes

Promising and Cost-Effective Methods to Cure Diseases

Active Collaboration Among Stakeholders

Partnerships with Impact Investors

We cannot do this without your support.

The time is right to create a new model for curing disease. Exciting developments in genetics and data are making precision medicine a reality.

Healthcare payers are moving toward value-based funding, especially for chronic diseases. And a new generation of impact investors — seeking to generate social and not just financial returns — have made curing disease a priority.

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