Our Cure Strategy

We're on a Mission to Cure Pancreatitis

The world’s top pancreatic experts believe a well-funded, coordinated research and development program could lead to effective treatments for chronic pancreatitis. Mission: Cure is working to make that happen. To discover therapies that will significantly improve patient outcomes, Mission: Cure will do the following:

Engage experts

and innovative thinkers in problem-solving to identify new approaches and scientific advances that could lead to a breakthrough.

Systematically test

already-approved pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals, including generic drugs.

Aggressively manage

and coordinate all efforts toward achieving the agreed-upon patient outcomes.

Use advanced genetic testing

and data aggregation tools (precision medicine) to understand causes, target promising therapies, and provide rapid feedback on impact.

and incentives to ensure that new therapies in development move through the clinical trial process efficiently.

How We Do It

We bring payers, patients, researchers, doctors, and biotech companies together with impact investors to cure pancreatitis and other diseases. With a clear goal of measurably improving specific patient outcomes, Mission: Cure uses innovative and cost-effective methods to develop new therapies and bring them to patients.

Bridge Patient Priorities and Scientific Research

We work to ensure that patient priorities drive research, therapy development, and care delivery. We work to apply new knowledge and evidence-based practices for the benefit of every life touched by rare and chronic diseases, such as pancreatitis.

Lead, Organize, and Collaborate with Stakeholders to Achieve Shared Goals

With a laser focus on measurable patient outcomes, we coordinate efforts of multiple stakeholders, including providers, researchers, payers, investors, and businesses, to commit to shared goals and execute strategies to improve patient well-being.

Incentivize Patient Outcomes Using Innovated Funding Models

We develop and test innovative funding models that link payment to patient outcomes such as hospitalizations, longevity, and pain to make a real difference for people suffering from the disease and increase the efficiency of healthcare systems.

Who Benefits?


Patients will be able to prevent or treat their disease so they are no longer in pain and live longer, healthier, more productive lives.

Impact Investors

Impact Investors will have helped cure a disease and potentially have received a financial return.

Scientists and Clinicians

Scientists and Clinicians will have sufficient funding and support to pursue and succeed in their efforts to help patients and cure disease.

Healthcare and Other Payers

Healthcare and Other Payers will be able to invest in new treatments that reduce their long-term costs, while demonstrating their commitment to their clients’ well-being, by contributing to patient outcome payments.

Venture Philanthropists

Venture Philanthropists will engage in what amounts to risk-free outcome-based philanthropy: they will not pay unless the efforts they support have delivered the results they hoped for.

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We provide services to researchers in order to support the development of effective therapies and treatments for recurrent acute pancreatitis and chronic pancreatitis. Click here to learn more, or share your resource opportunity by clicking the button below.

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Get Updates in Your Inbox

Stay up-to-date on the latest Mission: Cure news and developments in pancreatitis care.

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