New Pancreatitis Treatments in Development: Chemical Pancreatectomy and Electrical Stimulation (TEA)

New Pancreatitis Treatments in Development

In this Mission: Cure patient education webinar, leading experts Dr. George Gittes and Dr. Jorge Machicado present innovative treatments for pancreatitis. Alongside them, Megan Golden, CEO of Mission: Cure, and Daniel Morgan, Research Portfolio Manager, provide insights into the organization’s vision and ongoing progress towards finding a cure. 

Key Insights from the Webinar

  • Breakthrough Treatment: Dr. George Gittes’ Chemical Pancreatectomy study targets the exocrine pancreas to manage chronic pancreatitis and prevent pancreatitis-induced diabetes.
  • Innovative Pain Relief: Dr. Jorge Machicado’s TEA study explores a noninvasive device using neuromodulation to treat neuropathic pain in chronic pancreatitis patients
  • Research Progress: Megan Golden and Daniel Morgan discuss Mission: Cure’s approach to finding a cure, our progress, and the current drug development pipeline for pancreatitis, including how treatments advance to the clinical trial stage.

Dr. George Gittes: Chemical Pancreatectomy Study

Dr. Gittes presented his research on Chemical Pancreatectomy, a novel breakthrough treatment targeting the exocrine pancreas and preserving the endocrine pancreas. This innovative method has shown success in non-human primates and could soon be applied to humans. It offers potential benefits in managing chronic pancreatitis and preventing pancreatitis-induced diabetes.

Dr. Jorge Machicado: TEA (Transcutaneous Electrical Acustimulation) Study

Dr. Machicado discussed the TEA study, which investigates a noninvasive wearable device designed to relieve pain in chronic pancreatitis patients. This pain management approach has the potential to significantly improve the quality of life for those suffering from chronic pain due to pancreatitis and relies on treating neuropathic pain caused as a result of what clinicians refer to as ‘wiring problems’ using neuromodulation. 

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Accessing the Webinar Recording

For those who couldn’t attend the live session, the recorded webinar is a valuable resource for patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals, and researchers. It provides an excellent opportunity to understand new treatments and learn how therapies progress to clinical trials.

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To view the resource shared by Dr. Rao during the webinar, click here.

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