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Intern Testimonials

It was extremely hands-on, which was incredible because you really got a sense for every aspect of the organization. I really loved getting to know the two co-founders as well as all the incredible collaborators the organization is working with.

Summer 2018 Intern

The fact that Mission: Cure is led by women has been very inspiring to me. I can’t thank Megan and Linda enough for taking me under Mission: Cure’s wing and giving me a chance. They are both incredibly humble, supportive, and super intelligent. They are also receptive to new ideas, and they immediately act upon them.

Summer 2020 Intern

I truly enjoyed my time at Mission: Cure, especially knowing that all of our projects were in fact having positive impacts on pancreatitis patients.

Summer 2020 Intern

Interning at Mission: Cure was a wonderful experience that allowed me to become deeply involved in projects that I was passionate about. The team was really tight-knit and communicative, and you can truly see the impact of the work that you do on a daily basis.

Summer 2020 Intern

The internship was extremely rewarding, fulfilling, and certainly a lot more challenging than I expected because of its hands-off nature.

Summer 2020 Intern

Some positives of this internship were that it exposed me to a variety of different fields that make up a nonprofit, and we were given a lot of support in diving deeper into certain topics that were of particular interest to us. All of the supervisors were really welcoming and understanding, and it would not have been the same experience without their help and guidance.

Fall 2020 Intern

I truly could not have asked for a better experience. I went into this thinking that I would be doing typical internship tasks (mindless work) and was given actual projects to work on mostly independently, which was so fulfilling and made each day of work feel really meaningful.

Fall 2020 Intern

Clear and available channels to speak and interact with c level members, opportunities to work with other teams and team leaders on various projects and assignments.

Summer 2021 Intern