Highlights from PancreasFest 2023

Our team got together in Pittsburgh, PA last month for PancreasFest 2023, where pancreas doctors and researchers come together to find new ways to improve patient care.

As you may know, our team works virtually across the U.S. and in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), so it’s always a blast when we get together in person! Here, we talked with pancreatic experts to see how we can work together to push our mission of curing pancreatitis forward, and we educated providers on the common misconceptions around chronic pancreatitis.

We can’t wait to tell you all about what we learned and what’s coming up in pancreatic care! Keep reading to see our top highlights at PancreasFest 2023.

PancreasFest Street Interview

We had a great time talking to pancreatic experts during our “Street Interview” at PancreasFest and picking their brains on what they think about the pancreas.

Team’s Highlights

We reached out to our core team and interns to find out what stood out to them during the event. Take a look at their thoughts below:

PancreasFest Photos

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