Holiday Gift Guide 2022: The Best Gifts for Your Loved One with Pancreatitis

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Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or anything in between, finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list may seem like a daunting task. Especially if your list includes someone with pancreatitis. As we all know, when life gives you lemons, you need a good laugh! If you’re in search of the best pancreatitis-themed gifts this holiday season, we’ve got you covered. From practical to humorous, these gift ideas are sure to bring a smile to your loved one’s face.

For the Foodie: Low Fat Recipes Cookbook

If you’re shopping for someone who loves a good meal, while navigating a low-fat diet, the Low Fat Recipe Cookbook is the way to go! Many people with pancreatitis can’t tolerate high-fat foods. This cookbook features 100 yummy and satisfying recipes that can all be made in 30 minutes or less, plus an extra 10 easy recipes for the slow cooker. In addition to recipes, this cookbook also includes a handy list of 100 key low-fat ingredients, time-saving cooking tips, and easy substitutions!

For the Sock Enthusiast: “Out of Office” Pancreatitis Socks

Your sock enthusiast will get a kick out of these hilarious “Out of Office” pancreatitis socks that perfectly describe what it’s like to have a “useless” pancreas. The knit crew socks feature a cute design, are super soft and stretchy, and are made from over 50% recycled materials! Plus, if socks aren’t their thing, this same design is available as a stickertote bagt-shirt, and even a mouse pad!

For the Snuggle Bug: Nerdbugs Pancreas Plush

The Nerdbugs Pancreas Plush is a perfectly adorable, velvety-soft gift for the pancreatitis warrior who loves to snuggle up with stuffed animals. Created by Dr. Ronak Mehta, this plush was designed to bring awareness to medical conditions, reduce stigma, and celebrate health and wellness. Plus, it’s practical too! Research shows that stuffed animals can ease stress, similarly to how petting a real-life animal can. In addition to your loved one with pancreatitis, this gift is also great for doctors, nurses, medical students or healthcare professionals.

For the Party Thrower: Mocktail Party Recipe Book

Shopping for someone who’s the life of the party? The Mocktail Party recipe book is a great gift for those who love a good get-together, game night, or weekend brunch at their place, but can’t drink alcohol due to their pancreatitis.This gift features 75 minimal sugar, nonalcoholic drink recipes perfect for every occasion. Featuring alternatives to classics, such as a “Pal-no-ma” and “Aperol-less Spritz”, swapping out cocktails with mocktails has never been easier for your loved one. Plus, the valuable information included in this book – from the benefits of an alcohol-free lifestyle to advice for ordering mocktails at a restaurant or bar – is something they’ll definitely appreciate!

For the Well-Prepared: Dead Pancreas Party Tote Bag

This “Dead Pancreas Party Kit” Tote Bag provides some comedic relief for your loved one who may need a hospital go-bag or something to carry around diabetic supplies in. With an accompanying “Dead Pancreas Party Kit” Makeup Bag, this tote makes a great gift for your pancreatitis warrior due to the unpredictable nature of flare ups and the need to go to the hospital quickly.

For the Comfort Seeker: Hot Water Bottle & Soft Cover Combo

A stylish and soft Hot Water Bottle is a thoughtful gift that can bring comfort to your loved one. Pancreatitis pain often moves from the abdomen to the back; for your pancreatitis warrior, a hot water bottle can provide pain relief, while also increasing circulation and blood flow. Glassette’s small-batch hot water bottle line features comfy covers and cute designs that elevates this gift idea, making it a great present for the upcoming holidays.

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From everyone at Mission: Cure, we wish you a happy and healthy holiday season!

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