New Pancreatitis Therapies: Current Clinical Trials

In this Mission: Cure patient education webinar, medical experts discuss current clinical trials available to pancreatitis patients.

A clinical trial is a research study to test new treatments on people. It is a critical step in the process of getting a new treatment approved so that it can be given to patients. After a treatment, such as a drug, a diagnostic test, or a procedure, is tested in a lab setting, a clinical trial is designed to test it and make sure that it is effective and safe in humans, and has the desired effect on the condition it is intended to treat. Many drugs never get off the ground because there are not enough volunteers. Don’t let that happen with new pancreatitis treatments.

You have the power to propel research and development toward a cure! Learn more about what is involved in these pancreatitis clinical trials to see if they are right for you.

During this webinar, you will learn about current clinical trials, including:

  • The ExoLuminate Study
  • The ALLIANCE (Paricalcitol) Clinical Trial
  • The SHARP (ERCP) Clinical Trial
  • The enrollment process + more

Webinar Resources

If you would like to visit one of the resources mentioned or get involved with a clinical trial highlighted in this webinar, please do so by clicking the corresponding link below.

What is a Clinical Trial?

Contact: Juliane Mills


1. Clinical Trials Process on American Society for Cell and Gene Therapies
2. What are Clinical Trials & Studies on National Institute On Aging, National Institutes of Health

ALLIANCE (Paricalcitol) Trial

Contact: Robert Marker
Phone Number: 310‐423‐0901


1. Patient Information Flier available at

ExoLuminate Trial

Contact: Harmeet Dhani, MD
Phone Number: 858-202-6150




Contact: Gregory Cote, MD, MS
Phone Number: 503-494-5255

Contact: Heather Katcher
Phone Number: 503-494-4107



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