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Easing Chronic Pancreatitis Pain | Johns Hopkins Pancreatitis Pain Program

In this Mission: Cure patient education webinar, Dr. Speed and Dr. Treisman discuss the Johns Hopkins Pancreatitis Pain Program.

Pain is a difficult and often avoided topic. However, pain plays a central role in the lives of chronic pancreatitis patients and their caregivers. It is therefore important to understand the causes, impact and treatment options of chronic pancreatitis pain.

The Johns Hopkins Pancreatitis Pain Program is a research and patient care initiative that brings hope to patients with pain due to chronic pancreatitis. Their team combines the expertise of pain psychiatrists, neurogastroenterologists, and mental health specialists to offer innovative neuromodulation treatments to help you improve your quality of life. Working closely with the Johns Hopkins Pancreatitis Center, the program’s aim is to better understand different treatment approaches, be able to personalize them, and find new ways to treat chronic pancreatitis pain.

Watch this webinar if you want to learn about:

~ What can lead to chronic pain in pancreatitis patients

~ How the program approaches pain

~ The research goals of the program

~ The requirements and necessary steps to join the program

….And more!

Mission: Cure is working to cure chronic and recurrent acute pancreatitis using impact investing and innovative financing. Our webinars educate patients, families and clinicians about pancreatitis.

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