30 Memes that Perfectly Describe Life with Pancreatitis

Living with pancreatitis can be a real pain in the… well, pancreas. If you’re dealing with pancreatitis, you know how much it can impact your daily life. From chronic pain to nausea, this condition comes with all kinds of not-so-fun symptoms.

Sometimes, it feels like nobody understands what you’re going through. That’s where memes come in. These funny little images and captions can be surprisingly effective at capturing the ups and downs of life with recurrent acute or chronic pancreatitis. And hey, if we can find some humor in the midst of the discomfort, why not take advantage of it?

So, whether you’re dealing with a flare-up right now or just need a good laugh, take a look at these memes and see if they don’t make you crack a smile. Trust us, a little laughter can go a long way when you’re dealing with pancreatitis.

1. When the flare-up hits

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2. Whoopsie, sorry pancreas

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3. Better the flu than a flare

4. Yes, I’m still sick

5. Having to deal with nausea constantly

6. When you know more than the doctor

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7. Explaining why you don’t drink

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8. A side of PERT please

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9. When you can’t take the bland diet anymore

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10. I may be chronically ill, but I’m also chronically fabulous

11. When a flare comes on out of nowhere

12. On a scale of 1-10, it’s an 11

13. Finding someone who gets it

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14. Looking at the restaurant’s menu

15. Explaining why you can’t just “get your pancreas removed”

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16. Having to define “chronic” to people

17. Risking it all on a ‘good’ pain day

18. Princess of the E.R.

19. When you find out there’s no effective treatment

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20. The struggle of dealing with pain is real

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21. “There’s a lot going on here”

22. When you don’t do mainstream

23. Hope this one works!

24. You’re not faking your illness

25. When pancreatitis also throws diabetes at you

26. What’s a pain-free day?

27. Never means never

28. Going to the doctor doesn’t always help

29. It’s complicated

30. Wouldn’t that be nice

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