Bhuvan’s Pancreatitis Story: Managing Symptoms with Lifestyle Changes

My first pancreatitis attack began with constant stomach pain radiating to my back for weeks. My dad thought I was having normal gut issues and gave me antacids. Then, one day, I stood up and began puking. The pain I felt – I’m scared looking back on it.

The next thing I knew, I was in a car being driven to the hospital. I kept saying the pain won’t stop or budge. Eventually, the doctor refused to give me any more painkillers. After a few hours of being stable, I was taken for an MRI, X-ray, and blood test. The report came back, and I was diagnosed with pancreatitis.

After a few days, my pancreas was normal, but my lungs had filled with fluids. I became jaundiced and was transferred to another hospital’s ICU. After a week, I was discharged with the recommendation to follow a low-fat diet and not use any drugs, alcohol, or tobacco.

I was getting better, but after some time, I stopped caring. I started eating junk food again and smoking, which led to another extremely painful attack. Testing showed high levels of amylase and lipase. Like my first attack, fluids traveled to my lungs, and I had to be put on oxygen. My hospital stay lasted a few weeks until I was discharged.

After that, I had an MRCP done, which showed I had pancreas divisum. There, it was recommended I have an ERCP. But, I decided to visit the best hospitals and the best doctors, who advised against that. Instead, they gave me advice on how to manage my pancreatitis.

I’ve been following their advice since, and I haven’t had an attack in a year. I exercise daily and eat 6 or 7 small, healthy meals throughout the day. I don’t drink or smoke. While I still get pain sometimes, I’m able to manage it with a heating pad. To my fellow pancreatitis patients, my advice is that you have to change your lifestyle – eat right, exercise every day, and improve your fitness. This is what has helped me prevent another attack.

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