Genetic Testing for Pancreatitis: A Toolkit

Genetic Testing for Pancreatitis: Is it the Right Option for You?

There are many benefits to getting genetic testing– and it also comes with limitations. Genetic testing for pancreatitis might give you a fuller picture of your disease. Pancreatitis-specific genetic tests, like those provided by Ariel Precision Medicine, test for a number of gene mutations in your DNA, like CFTR, PRSS1, and SPINK1. These gene mutations are known to cause chronic pancreatitis.

Genetic testing for pancreatitis is recommended for certain patients, like those with a family history of pancreatitis, cystic fibrosis, and pancreatic cancer. Use this toolkit to talk to your doctor about your family history and discuss whether genetic testing for pancreatitis is the right option for you.

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What is Genetic Testing?

Genetic testing involves taking a close look at your DNA, which might help a genetic counselor tell you about certain health risks. We’ve developed a toolkit to help patients better understand genetic testing and genetic counseling.

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