Meet the 2022 Summer Intern Cohort!

2020 Summer Intern Cohort

Mission: Cure is pleased to welcome a group of talented and passionate minds to the team this summer! This year’s interns will work on a variety of science, research nonprofit management, public policy, and communications projects.



Hanna Khalili

I am from New York City. I attend the University of Michigan, where I am pursuing a dual degree in public health and psychology. In the future, I hope to work in the healthcare industry, hopefully making a positive difference to make patient care more accessible. I am extremely excited to learn about all of Mission: Cure’s initiatives and the impact investing model.


Tanaya Vohra

Having lived in Hong Kong, Toronto, and London, Tanaya is currently pursuing a major in Public Health and a minor in Human Rights at the University of Chicago. She wants to get involved in international healthcare policy work and turn universal access to quality healthcare into a major priority for governments and NGOs alike. Tanaya is really looking forward to understanding the inner workings of an NGO – how it was built from the ground up and how it continues to successfully reach its audience. She is especially excited about learning how to market and share the organization’s goals with the public given how important gaining an audience and raising awareness is for achieving their pancreatitis-related goals.


Spencer Gallant

I am from Lower Gywnedd, Pennsylvania which is about 25 minutes outside of the city of Philadelphia. I currently attend Syracuse University where I am majoring in Biology. My goals for the future are to finish up my pre-health track at Syracuse and then attend medical school to become a doctor. I am currently interested in radiology and anesthesiology but am open to learning about other types of medical practices. For this summer internship, I am most excited to work in a collaborative environment in which I can learn about the approach and vision that Mission: Cure has. I believe that this environment is the perfect place to be effective and contribute to helping find a cure.


Lara Cheesman

I was born in Peru in 2002, I moved to Florida after graduating from High School and then to NYC where I am currently located. I am a Sophomore at Johns Hopkins University pursuing a degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology, and hoping to concentrate my studies in Biomedical Engineering. I am passionate about regenerative medicine and bio engineering, being those the main areas I hope to focus in in the future. Five years from now, I see myself either graduating from medicine school or pursuing a PhD after obtaining my Master’s degree and exploring the field. I feel honored to be working with Mission: Cure, and I cannot wait to learn how to combine innovation, technology, and science to improve the quality of life of thousands of patients suffering from chronic pancreatitis.


Emma Beier

My name is Emma Beier, and I am a rising junior at Brown University. I am originally from Chicago. At Brown, I am double-majoring in Public Health and Economics. When I think about the future, I am eager to get involved in efforts to revise the current healthcare financing system. As a Mission: Cure Nonprofit Management intern, I look forward to learning more about innovative financing models, such as Patient Outcome Financing, and impact investing.


Badi Kawambwa

I am a rising senior from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania studying at St. Lawrence University. I am a communications major, hoping to pursue a career in communication, marketing or journalism. I am motivated by the desire to utilize discourse to and uplift silenced communities and make an impact. I am excited to learn more about being a better healthcare and public health advocate at Mission: Cure.


Shekinah Edwards

Shekinah Edwards is a rising junior at New York University studying Global Public Health concentrated in Biology. As an intern at Mission: Cure she aims to bring to light the disparities in health care as it relates to pancreatitis. In the future, she plans to earn her MPH/MD and become a practicing physician in underrepresented communities.


Gabby Day

My name is Gabby, and I’m a rising junior at Brown University from Dallas, Texas. As a double major in Biology and Economics, I am excited to learn about and research topics that combine my passion for both science and economics at Mission: Cure, which will provide me with useful experience that will contribute to my goal of pursuing a career in research. Beyond my excitement to research the cost and disease burden of pancreatitis, I am also looking forward to collaborating with the other interns at Mission: Cure.


Caroline Saksena

Caroline Saksena is studying biology and neuroscience in the class of 2023 at Carleton College on a mission to improve individual health in her communities through reforming healthcare systems. She’s originally from the Boston area and currently lives in Lincoln, NE. Through her internship at Mission: Cure, she wants to better understand the challenges faced by patients and healthcare providers in healthcare systems. She wants to learn and implement strategies to fix them. Caroline’s seeking a healthcare consulting role for 2023-24 before she pursues an MPH. Her experiences with Mission: Cure and beyond will help inform whether and how an MD may fit into her career aspirations and journey.
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